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Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage and Stretch

50 Minutes


Within Physical Therapy appointment

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50 Minutes


Feldenkrais description below!

Ocean Rocks


50 Minutes


Within Physical Therapy appointment. Includes oils and a heated, infrared crystal mat. 


Created by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais the method was developed over a lifetime, and continues to evolve with each lesson given.  Dr. Feldenkrais was an active man participating heavily in local Soccer and Judo clubs. After suffering a knee injury in soccer Feldenkrais chose not to go through with a risky surgery.  He instead began to rehabilitate the knee by concentrating on his movement patterns looking to find a way to organize around his limitation.  He began training people in his method in the 1950s and continued until his death in 1984.


Functional Synthesis® or FS is a private movement lesson done by Ian Grant.  The goal and content of the lessons vary from client to client. It is a great way to start out or for people in need of more attention during lessons. FS is offered for both adults and children with special needs.


Functional Integration or FI is a one on one movement lesson done with Valerie Grant.  Val uses her extensive knowledge of Biomechanics to help people of all ages experience remarkable changes.  Lessons are available to both adults and children with special needs.


Anat Baniel was a student of Dr. Feldenkrais.  Growing up knowing Moshe, Anat began practicing what Feldenkrais was teaching at a relatively young age.   After university she went through a training of Feldenkrais' and then another and then she began to practice and teach as often as she could.  Anat spent years with Feldenkrais studying people's ability to reorganize their movements and integrate changes for great reduction in pain and spasticity.  Together they had an understanding of our need for comfort and the ability of our brains to change.  Over her career Anat has grown work with mostly children with a variety of special needs. She offers lessons at a center in San Rafael, California to both adults and children looking to improve their quality of life.   Anat has also created the 9 Essentials® to help people more easily utilize their neuroplasticity or the brains' ability to change and promote change.

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